Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Helping People Relieve Their Pain Related To Their Spine and Return Them to a Higher Quality of Life



Mike reclaims his life just watch!

This is Mike. Mike just (GOT HIS LIFE BACK!) You have to watch this! The Jasper Spine Surgery - Doctor Gabriele Jasper. 732-262-0700

Paralysis stopped in its tracks and completely cured Happy Patient!

John was in great pain and when his toes became paralyzed fear descended. The pain doctor he was going to just didn't hack it and then he found Dr. Jasper @ The Jasper Spine Institute and immediately after surgery his toes returned to normal mobility!

Patient Update: John Returns A Changed Man!

Only one after his Open Endoscopically-Assisted Tubular Retractor Surgery and John returns to us a completely changed man! Dr. Gabriele P. Jasper Jasper Spine Institute (732) 262-0700

Confidence and Know How Win The Patient

An interviewers dream this patient is a wonder and more important healed! Open endoscopically-assisted tubular retractor surgery Dr. Gabriele P. Jasper Jasper Spine Institute 732-262-0700

Testimonial From A Lovely Lady

This lovely lady reclaimed her life and all she had to do was visit the Jasper Spine Institute & Dr. Gabriele Jasper. After receiving an Endoscopic Discectomy she has thrown away her walker and began her new pain free life!!!! Call now! 732-262-0700

St Croix To Brick N J They Travel Far For Dr Jasper's Help

This is an amazing tale about a man who found an ad for Jasper Spine Institute and after refusing highly invasive open back surgery in the Virgin Islands, he traveled all the way to N.J. for Dr. Jasper's help. Jasper Spine Institute 732-262-0700

California Testimonial Here We Come! Jasper Spine Institute

Story about a son's love of his mom and how he flew her from coast to coast to get the best treatment for her back! Jasper Spine Institute Dr. Gabriele Jasper 732-262-0700

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